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Hi there :wave:
It's been a while since I posted here, hasn't it? -checks- Yep. About 5 months.
So, anyway, lets get to the point. I recently got in to South Park again, and as it's currently my main fandom I want to get in to seriously cosplaying it :) I already have a Stan cosplay, although that needs some changes and it's not 100% complete, and I'm thinking about cosplaying Kyle too (mostly) and fem-kyle, just because I have the right hair for it ;D
So, are there any South Park cosplayers out there in the UK? If you are, and wanna help me form a South Park cosplay group (even if just one person comments it's fine, two heads are better than one lol), then just comment here... Obviously you have to be okay with going to events or meeting up to do some videos or photoshoots or something, it'll be fun :D
Hopefully deviantart has made it so that journals are found easily, and some people who are interested can actually see this and comment.

So yeah, here's hoping that someone finds this one day soon :)

Cosplays planned for this next year:

:bulletred: Stan Marsh - South Park (undecided)
:bulletorange: Katy Perry - California Girls, Candy Dress (Kitacon)
:bulletyellow: Kyle Broflovski - South Park (Kitacon)
:bulletgreen: Merida - Brave (Kitacon)
:bulletblue: Sheryl Nome - Macross Frontier (undecided)

Conventions I'll be at this next year:

:bulletpurple: Kitacon


Completed Cosplays
Halloween Town Kairi - Kingdom Hearts :bulletgreen:
Sister Iceland - Scandanavia and the World by humon :bulletgreen:
Italy/Feliciano, Official Halloween Version - Hetalia :bulletgreen:
Mimi Tachikawa - Digimon Adventure :bulletgreen:
Gijinka Glameow - Pokemon :bulletgreen:
Ginny - Harry Potter :bulletgreen:
Gakuen Prussia - Hetalia :bulletgreen:
Merida - Brave :bulletgreen:
Austria, War of Austrian Succession - Hetalia :bulletgreen:

In Progress Cosplays
Stan Marsh, South Park [90%] :bulletyellow:
Sister Estonia - SatW [75%] :bulletyellow:
Teto Kasane - Anti the Holic [50%] :bulletyellow:
Sheryl Nome - Macross Frontier [10%] :bulletorange:
Italy/Feliciano, 18 Years Old Sketch - Hetalia [10%] :bulletorange:
Katy Perry - California Girls candy dress [0%] :bulletred:
Italy/Feliciano - RomaHeta [0%] :bulletred:
Luna Lovegood - Harry Potter [0%] :bulletred:
Kyle Broflovski - South Park [0%] :bulletred:

Retired Cosplays
Hungary - Hetalia :bulletblack:
India - Hetalia :bulletblack:
Sakura Haruno, Ballroom (Own Design) - Naruto :bulletblack:
Sakura Haruno, Genin - Naruto :bulletblack:
Ukraine - Hetalia :bulletblack:
Germany/Ludwig - Hetalia :bulletblack:
Tom Cat - Tom & Jerry :bulletblack:
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XhelyX Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2014  Student Artist
XD not sure how close im for south park, but would love to join XD
Mormoka Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2013
Hey! I don't know if you're still alive here but came across your journal whilst on a hunt for UK South Park cosplayers [: I'm interested, would love to do this as I live in the UK! I hope others come here too...
xNilly Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2013
Just replying to this incase other people come across the journal and think I'm not around because I'm not replying to comments lol
Mormoka Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2013
Hehe ;3
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August 12, 2013