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* Photographic evidence 8D *


Hooray, I'm almost at three kay!!!

I might do a request for this, though I'm still quite low on pageviews... So I don't think anyone would really want to request anything... But if you want to spend the time waiting for it to reach 3000 to request something then be my guest :D just so long as it involves a cosplay from my completed list~

Also, pssst, I didn't want to knock off my last journal but I can't avoid that, so here is a link (please click :'3)…

Cosplays planned for this next year:

Bullet; Red Stan Marsh - South Park (undecided)
Bullet; Orange Katy Perry - California Girls, Candy Dress (Kitacon)
Bullet; Yellow Kyle Broflovski - South Park (Kitacon)
Bullet; Green Merida - Brave (Kitacon)
Bullet; Blue Sheryl Nome - Macross Frontier (undecided)

Conventions I'll be at this next year:

Bullet; Purple Kitacon


Completed Cosplays
Halloween Town Kairi - Kingdom Hearts Bullet; Green
Sister Iceland - Scandanavia and the World by *humon Bullet; Green
Italy/Feliciano, Official Halloween Version - Hetalia Bullet; Green
Mimi Tachikawa - Digimon Adventure Bullet; Green
Gijinka Glameow - Pokemon Bullet; Green
Ginny - Harry Potter Bullet; Green
Gakuen Prussia - Hetalia Bullet; Green
Merida - Brave Bullet; Green
Austria, War of Austrian Succession - Hetalia Bullet; Green

In Progress Cosplays
Stan Marsh, South Park [90%] Bullet; Yellow
Sister Estonia - SatW [75%] Bullet; Yellow
Teto Kasane - Anti the Holic [50%] Bullet; Yellow
Sheryl Nome - Macross Frontier [10%] Bullet; Orange
Italy/Feliciano, 18 Years Old Sketch - Hetalia [10%] Bullet; Orange
Katy Perry - California Girls candy dress [0%] Bullet; Red
Italy/Feliciano - RomaHeta [0%] Bullet; Red
Luna Lovegood - Harry Potter [0%] Bullet; Red
Kyle Broflovski - South Park [0%] Bullet; Red

Retired Cosplays
Hungary - Hetalia Bullet; Black
India - Hetalia Bullet; Black
Sakura Haruno, Ballroom (Own Design) - Naruto Bullet; Black
Sakura Haruno, Genin - Naruto Bullet; Black
Ukraine - Hetalia Bullet; Black
Germany/Ludwig - Hetalia Bullet; Black
Tom Cat - Tom & Jerry Bullet; Black

Journal History


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Heyyy! Took me a moment to realise what you meant haha, you mean gatitodetomate? :3
Si si! ^ ^
hooray! Aren't I a clever one xD
oh btw, I'll get to replying one day, just give it a liiiittle bit longer haha -busy busy busy-
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I've got a question... what about your art for geritpru-fc contest, girl? .3. Deadline is soooon .)3.
ooops yeah! I'm so glad you reminded me ;u; ill get working on it now~
EmosLastKiss Aug 18, 2011  Student Photographer
o3o Thanks for the fav dear!
no problem!! :3
Since you prefer PruIta, could we have another avatar? With my friend from Poland? I'll find some picture with which you could have Prussia, she- Germany and I - Ita-chan :3
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